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Applying Adhesive Backed Carbon Fiber Sheets​

Applying Adhesive Backed Carbon Fiber Sheets​

Applying Adhesive Backed Carbon Fiber Sheets​

Carbon Fiber Veneer with Adhesive BackingNow you can apply Carbon Fiber to any surface with ACP’s high gloss, decorative adhesive backed Carbon Fiber Sheets.

These first quality carbon fiber sheets have a deep, glossy, three dimensional finish. The proprietary Autoclave process, 100% genuine carbon fiber prepreg (not a printed vinyl), and superior epoxy resin consistently deliver high gloss panels with outstanding strength, durability and a longer lasting mirror-like finish.

Our adhesive backed High Gloss Carbon Fiber Sheets are flexible, formable to curved surfaces, feature quality adhesive and can be trimmed with scissors for a simple peel and stick installation.

Applying the adhesive backing yourself can be a tricky process. We apply a high quality adhesive backing to the carbon fiber sheeting in-house, using a cold laminator. The cold laminator provides a superior bond between the adhesive and the carbon fiber sheet. And the risk of handling an adhesive is eliminated.

You can save time and money by using these hassle free, ready-to-use carbon fiber adhesive backed sheets, available in multiple sizes for any project.

Project examples include:

  • Dashboard inserts
  • License plates
  • Decorative phone faceplate
  • Chassis, wings, bodies and full scale car applications
  • Logo Decals and Emblems
  • Instrument Decals


ACP’s hassle free, ready-to-use adhesive backed carbon fiber sheets can be applied to any surface with an easy peel and stick installation. Simply cut out the desired shape, peel off the backing and firmly adhere the cut shape to the surface.

Preparing the Surface

Prior to applying the carbon fiber sheet, clean the surface to which the sheet will be applied. It is important to have a surface free of oils, grease and debris that could interfere with the adhesive.

Clean the surface then allow to dry.

  • First, draw the required shape on the sheet
  • Cut out the shape with composite shears
  • Clean the surface
  • Remove the backing paper from the carbon fiber sheet
  • Carefully place the sheet in the desired position
  • Firmly smooth the sheet surface by hand
  • Completed!

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