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The Benefits of Using Composite Materials For Pickleball Paddles

The Benefits of Using Composite Materials For Pickleball Paddles

Benefits of Using Composite Materials

Finding the perfect pickleball paddle isn’t easy, especially with so many options available. But as the most sophisticated and reliable pickleball panel and blank paddle manufacturer in North America, ACP Composites has some insight into what materials are ideal for constructing the highest performing paddles on the market.

What composite materials are ideal for manufacturing pickleball paddles?

Most pickleball paddle construction uses a sandwich design. A honeycomb material is “sandwiched” between two surface layers. The Nomex, namely Aramid, is our premium core, it’s lighter weight and strong. When matched with a graphite face, it’s the most premium pickleball paddle material. Many serious players prefer a Nomex core pickleball paddle. A Nomex graphite paddle will give a player a solid feel and power.

Polymer, namely PP or polypropylene, is a very popular material with the newest core technology on the pickleball market. It is lighter and less expensive than Nomex.

Although the core has more to do with the paddle feel, it is the paddle surface that transmits the energy to the core. ACP uses a variety of composite materials for our pickleball paddles and blanks. Carbon Fiber “Uni-Web” Unidirectional Fiber is a non-woven sheet of unidirectional carbon fibers that can be easily cut without any fraying. This material is ideal for high strength, weight critical applications. Our 282 fabric is a plain weave fabric woven from 3K carbon stands (tow). It is ideal for any structural or composite application. Carbon fiber has the greatest compressive strength and stiffness strength of all laminates.

Plain Weave Fiberglass Fabric creates a smooth finish and is ideal for flat surface lamination. Fiberglass is the most widely used out of any composite material available. This is mainly due to its relative low cost, and overall good physical properties. 

How can ACP help with manufacturing pickleball paddles?

As an AS9100 Certified manufacturer of advanced composite solutions for the aerospace industry for over 37 years, ACP builds to the highest standards, for some of the top brands in the market.

Custom pickleball paddles are the best choice for any pickleball paddle suppliers because they are made to fit your customers’ specific design needs. Because of ACP’s years of knowledge and passion about the pickleball industry, we ensure that our R&D department will work with you to build test paddles to your specifications. Contact us today to get started!

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