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Building pickleball panels and blank paddles under one roof since 2010

ACP is the most sophisticated and reliable Pickleball panel and blank paddle manufacturer in North America, developing all our products under one roof in our 33,000 sq./ft manufacturing facility in Northern California.

As an AS9100 Certified manufacturer of advanced composite solutions for the aerospace industry for over 37 years, we build to the highest standards, for some of the top brands in the market. And as a leader in carbon fiber innovation, the stiffness of carbon fiber makes it the ultimate material for pickleball paddles, because it offers more control and finesse.

Another option are fiberglass paddles; which are recommended for players looking to add more power to their game. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either material. Both types of pickleball paddles offer light-to-mid-weight options.

For more information about ACP’s pickleball paddle blanks and panel blanks, click here.

Why custom order your pickleball paddle from ACP?

Custom pickleball paddles are the best choice for any pickleball paddle suppliers because they are made to fit your customers’ specific design needs. Because of ACP’s years of knowledge and passion about the pickleball industry, we ensure that our R&D department will work with you to build test paddles to your specifications.

How to order your custom paddle from ACP:

First choose a core and then a composite for the face of the paddle. From there you can order full panels and cut your own pickleball paddle shapes or you can have ACP cut you shapes out of the panel.

Customized projects are the core part of who we are and what we do as a business. Your ideas, technical challenges and project requirements are important to us, and we provide custom solutions to meet your needs.





Aramid Honeycomb Core - Standard Cell

Nomex Core

The Nomex, namely Aramid, is premium core, it’s lighter weight and strong. When matched with a graphite face, it’s the most premium pickleball paddle material. Many serious players prefer a Normex core pickleball paddle. A Nomex graphite paddle will give a player a solid feel and power.

Prosthetic Leg Brace

Polymer, namely PP or polypropylene, is a very popular material with the newest core technology on the pickleball market. It is lighter and less expensive than Nomex.


Carbon Fiber “Uni-Web” Unidirectional Fiber is a non-woven sheet of unidirectional carbon fibers that can be easily cut without any fraying. Ideal for high strength, weight critical applications.

ACP Composites’ Style 282 fabric is a plain weave fabric woven from 3K carbon stands (tow). Ideal for any structural or composite application.

Plain Weave Fiberglass Fabric creates a smooth finish and is ideal for flat surface lamination.


ACP specializes in the design and manufacture of honeycomb sandwich panels in a wide range of materials including carbon fiber, fiberglass. We offer various sizes of commercial and aerospace grade Nomex honeycomb core and a commercial grade over-expanded honeycomb core. If we do not have the exact sandwich panel you are looking for, contact us and we will work with you to fabricate the custom panel needed to meet your specifications. We can also tailor our stock sandwich panels to meet your finishing requirements by offering cutting and machine finishing services.


As an industry leader in manufacturing pickleball paddle blanks, ACP can machine your shape out of our carbon fiber or fiberglass honeycomb panels.

Manufacturing equipment

ACP is continuously investing in our facilities to offer you the most advanced equipment options and state-of-the-art facility features for your pickleball paddle needs.

For a full list of our equipment, click here.

Bike Frame Strut Tube

Carbon Fiber Prepreg

Roll Wrapped layup on custom 1 piece mandrel, Autoclave cured