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Vacuum Bag Connector -Twist



ACP’s High Temp Vacuum Connector w/ Locking Ring provides a quick, reusable way to connect vacuum hoses to vacuum bags. Offers an extremely tight connection. | Airtech Vac Valve 402A (VV402A-1/4)

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Airtech’s Vac Valve 401C is a reusable, high temperature vacuum connector that allows a quick and reliable way to connect vacuum hoses to vacuum bags.

With its featured 3 piece twist lock design, this vacuum connector is an economical option for high temperature bagging applications. When assembled, the base plate and silicone gasket are placed inside the vacuum bag. A small slit is cut in the bag to allow the stem of the connector to pass through. The locking top piece is placed over the stem, outside the bag, and twisted to provide a positive seal.

The Vac Valve 401C (VV401C) is made with cast aluminum and has a ¼” male NPT screw thread. Is designed to work with the quick disconnects and is suitable for vacuum bagging applications up to 500 °F (260°C) and pressures up to 15 bars.



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Physical Properties

  • Construction: 2 piece: base plate, locking top piece
  • Material: Cast Aluminium Base Plate
  • Diameter: 2.5″, round
  • Gasket Material: Silicone
  • Screw Thread: 1/4″ male NPT
  • Assembly Type: Twisting Lock
  • Manufacturer: Airtech International
  • Manufacturer Part #: Vac Valve 401C

Technical Properties

  • Max Temperature: 500°F

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