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Braided Fiberglass Sleeves



Woven with a fiberglass fiber in a 45° orientation, these Braided Fiberglass Sleeves have the unique ability to easily and repeatably conform to various shapes.

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Braided Fiberglass Sleeve is a biaxial braid of precisely oriented fibers of maximum stiffness, torsial stability and compressive strength. The sleeve has a 45 degree orientation and will compress about 20-25% and tension about 60-65% from their base diameter. A biaxial braided sleeve easily and repeatedly expands open to fit over molding tools or cores. They can accommodate straight, uniform cross-section forms as well as non-linear, irregular cross section components.

Price breaks after 100 pounds – available upon request.



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Physical Properties

  • Diameter: 1″, 1.5″
  • Thickness: .012″
  • Weave: Biaxial with a 45° orientation
  • Material: E-Glass
  • Fabric Weight: 11.5 oz/yd2


Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification.