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Satellite Composite Manufacturing Solutions


A leader in the industry

ACP Composites is a leading provider of composite solutions for the satellite manufacturing industry. With decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, we offer cutting-edge materials and services tailored to meet the demanding requirements of space applications.

01.  Proven track record of delivering reliable and high-performance solutions

02. demonstrated through our involvement in numerous notable projects.

Expertise in Satellite Composite Manufacturing

ACP Composites has extensive expertise in satellite composite manufacturing, demonstrated through our involvement in numerous notable projects. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable and high-performance solutions for:

Cube Satellites

Micro Satellites

Earth Observation Satellites

LEO Satellites (Low Earth Orbit)

Solar Arrays and Structures

Communications Satellites

Payloads and Payload Panels

Space and Airborne Electro-Optical Sensor Systems

Orbital Satellites


Satellite Composite Products and Services

Aluminum Formed Structure
Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Our lightweight and strong Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are commonly used for payload panels, providing exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and thermal stability.

Carbon Fiber Structures

We offer flat carbon structures with high-temperature curing capabilities, making them ideal for thermal applications in satellites.

Assembled Honeycomb Structures

Our composite sandwich panels, used for payload decks, meet the strict requirements of space applications, ensuring reliable performance in extreme environments.

Inserts and

We provide potted inserts for enhanced strength and reliability, ensuring precision and durability in our composite structures.

Composite Tube Truss

Our Composite Tubes serve as lightweight and durable frameworks for Solar Arrays and Payloads, offering significant weight savings compared to traditional materials.


Advanced Satellite Technologies & Expertise


We utilize Polyimide-based resin systems with low outgassing properties, ensuring optimal performance in space environments.

Thermal Curing Capabilities

Our high-temperature curing capabilities enable us to produce parts that can withstand demanding thermal environments in space.

Vacuum Compliant Structures

Our vacuum compliant structures are designed to perform optimally in space conditions, providing lightweight and strong solutions for satellites.

Antennas and Radomes

We offer composite solutions for efficient signal transmission and customized designs for communication satellites. 


Frequently Asked

Using carbon fiber and other composite materials significantly reduces airframe weight (upwards of 70%), improves flight performance and efficiency, increases fuel and energy efficiency and more.

Yes, ACP utilizes optimized resin systems designed for low outgassing and thermal stability I conjunction with other space approved materials to produce parts suitable for space environments.

Payloads are a core part of ACP’s offering. We work with customers to produce a variety of custom structures for specialized payloads.

Providing thermal solutions is one of the advanced services we offer. We have several projects where we have co-bonded/embedded ammonia radiators into the structures for thermal applications.

ACP works on projects that have specific material requirements on a regular basis. We have strong supplier relationships in this space and can acquire materials that best fit your material needs.

And if you’re looking Space Flight Heritage Materials, we have stock and supply qualified material alternatives.

The best way to get in touch is to submit a Request for Quote. And if you need to an NDA first, we can accommodate that.

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